Spoiler tips for SOD2

Start with the builder legacy mission. while its the most boring it gives the best rewards for future play throughs.

The bestest bases, the strip mall, the container fort, the fire station. (in my humble opinion.

I especially find the strip mall works well when you have a community member with the utility skill and have two farms inside, one for medicine one for food.

The container fort does not tell you on the map screen but when you enter the base it gives a free 8 person sleeping spot.

Another tip for bases in the harder nightmare level is to find a base with a container or ladder you can stand on for safety, and if you sacrifice a small slot and get an extra ammo outpost, the watchtower can save your characters from dying.

Don’t take your favourite legacy character’s into your first nightmare play through if you’re only a filthy casual like me.

you can also save your community members and ammo during a base invasion by swapping characters at out posts, then go home to claim the cleared base rewards.

when stuck tap left, go to the bottom of the radio commands and use d the unstuck command. (If your car gets stuck, get in the car and use the unstuck command to move the car of the rocks.)

Change the hdmi 2.0 cable from xbox to your tv with a 2.1 HDMI and see how beautiful the graphics now look on your hdr enabled, 4k tv.

In nightmare difficulty, avoid antagonistic enclave missions until you have kick arse weapons because they will one-shot you in the head dead.

When changing maps, do not leave stuff in vehicles, unless you only have two vehicles parked in the bays. (and the one you drive of the map makes three) because only three vehicles will teleport to the next map.

In the new map, the starter base looks cool but it sucks. It feels like it does not have enough slots to build on. Just get an extra member anywhere and a little cash so you can change bases quickly.

The bestest equipment, in my humble opinion.

1) The booster which gives two extra out posts.

2) the Lichennographer skill gives two extra medication which satisfies the two medication cost of the medical base slot, and adds both the gardening and doctor skill. (although this version of gardening skill does not allow you to swap a food garden for a medication garden)

3) The fifty cal guns and 50 cal bullet press. (especially in nightmare difficulty against enclaves)

4) C4 or box explosives to take out plague hearts

5) The fireworks gun to take out hoards.

A final tip, this is one of those games where you randomly may not get what you want for a long time but you will get other stuff, so each play through you may find you have to change your strategy slightly.

Or if you want to make the game as hard as possible don’t use the above tips.

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