Final Fantasy 10

This is just going to be a quick review as I am still only halfway through, but I wanted to share my enjoyment.

The first thing you will notice is that on Xbox One you have to buy two games at the same time as the story spans, well two games. While this makes the game look like an older full priced game it is in fact more than that. It is more like two older but remastered games for the price of one full game, so don’t be put off by the price to value ratio, it’s a good purchase.

Now if you read my earlier post on Final Fantasy 13 and 15 you will know that I don’t particularly enjoy turn based rpg battle systems, and this game has just that. In defense of this games battle system however, I did find the combat to be mildly interesting because of the multiple skills to weakness that you have to learn. (Think Pokemon’s rock paper scissors combat but with a lot more variables) It’s still not my cup of tea, but tolerable due to the extra intricacy.

The visual is still cartoon like, but it does look like it has had a bit of spit and polish added and looks nice. I would describe it at a good “Disney” style animation, with that spirit of innocence to it. In fact the main character I think, looks like it may have been the inspiration for the main character in Kingdom Hearts. I’m not sure as I have not played that game but the look is similarly innocent.

What I am really enjoying is the slow unfolding of the story and the character-building being done with the party members who slowly join your group. The story sort of revels small snippets of information as you progress through the game, which incentivises continual play. In other words, I have not quit the game because I was bored and lost interest, but rather the opposite, I can’t wait to get back to the game to discover more of the story.

There is a leveling system which is a little confusing to understand at first. It shows this massive board where each member of your party has a different starting position, and it looks like every character can go anywhere on that board (Eventually).

When moving around that board I found I had to plot out in advance where I wanted each character to go so that I was not doubling back and wasting steps. Steps around the leveling board are acquired by participating in battle. It looks like you only need the character to do one attack, then you can switch them out and still get the steps at the end of battle, as long as that character is not knocked out. So mach sure to have enough phoenix items to revive.

The next thing about leveling is skill spots on the board need skill orbs to purchase skills. And power spots need power orbs etc. So you have to acquire these orbs in combat, fortunately orbs are shared across your whole party. I noticed there are two ways to acquire orbs, the first is randomly at the end of each battle, but a more controlled way is to move your character to the skill spots that let you acquire the skills to do a special hit on an enemy that sucks out the specific orb.

Tip if your character has more physical attack skills don’t forget to move to places on the levelling board to collect more spell point or more spell strength, similarly if your character has more fighting skills move to strength spots on the levelling board.

And all characters can benefit from the hit point level up spots which give a massive 200 addition hit points per spot.

Any character you give the heal skill to can heal between combat by going into the menu, select abilities, then select the character with the cure ability. This is almost an essential thing to work out how to do given the bucket load of random battles that occur on the way to everywhere.

Finally you do not have to be directly on a leveling spot, but can be adjacent to one, this makes it a good idea to collect any adjacent skills and power ups that you will pass on your way to the desired skill you are moving towards.

In summary, this is clearly and old game, feels and looks like an Xbox 360 game, but maybe because it’s a remaster the game feels and looks revitalized. So don’t let the fact that it’s and old game turn you off, it is definitely a good value game, especially if your like me and a little young at heart.

Final Fantasy 10 Remastered on PS4

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Final Fantasy 10 for Xbox One

Final Fantasy 10 from Amazon Australia

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