Day 6: Most Annoying Character

The obvious (and clichéd) answer for this question would be the Adoring Fan from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, but I’d put him there at the risk of taking an enormous cop-out. Also I actually find him quite endearing, and not just because we have similar hair. People might feel differently, but I’m just gonna go right ahead and say it: I’m an Animal Crossing player, and FUCK Truffles.


I HATE HER. I cannot STAND her. I demolished my first Animal Crossing town because she WOULDN’T LEAVE. And before that, she said to me ‘Mayor Phoebe, I’m thinking about moving out of Trotston’ and I thought ‘YES FINALLY I’LL BE RID OF YOUR FAKE-ASS CHEERFUL ATTITUDE’ so I said something to the effect of ‘whatever you feel is best for you’ (or something else that I can imagine my avatar saying through gritted teeth), and THEN she said ‘oh, only a true friend would tell me to follow my heart! And I could NEVER leave my true friends!’ SO SHE STAYED PUT. After all that. Months of not talking to her, screwing up any task she gave me, whacking her with my bug-catching net, all of that for her to go ‘you’re my BEST friend’. It’s like that annoying kid who you gave a few crisps to at lunch that one time and now they won’t get the hell out of your house.

I’ve never disliked an Animal Crossing character so much. She’s one of the ‘peppy’ characters, which means she’s always upbeat and excited, dreaming of being famous in the future. This is all fine and dandy with other villagers, but with Truffles her disgusting cheeriness is completely at odds with her appearance. Don’t pretend you’re happy to see me, Truffles. Don’t pretend you haven’t noticed the weeds popping up because I haven’t been to work for four months. Don’t pretend you’re happy living in a town with no roads and nothing to do except develop a sudden interest in ichthyology and earning your money by selling oranges. Those eyebrows don’t lie, Truffles.

Now get the fuck out of my town, and stay out.

Author: Phoebe Wright

I've been playing video games since I was small and I'm fascinated by the in-depth stories and personal relationships that can be made with characters in video games. I am a musician and I completed my MA Music at Bangor University, specialising in music for video games. For my undergraduate degree I wrote a 12,000 word dissertation focusing on the music of various horror games, although my favourite games are those with a limited horror factor.

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