Day 2: Your Favourite Character

As with my last post, there are so many it’s really difficult to pin down. I’m the sort of person that connects with characters, but my tendency towards that is so strong that I usually either feel only basic apathy for characters I’m not connected to and become borderline obsessive about characters I like.

I love Chell from the Portal series, but she doesn’t really have much of a character besides the one I’ve given her, seeing as she’s mute and you never see her without portal trickery. The heart-wrenching choice at the end of Bastion made me feel such a range of feelings for Zulf that I feel he deserves to be at the top of this list. Ezio is, in my opinion, the best character of Assassins Creed, and I’m grateful to Ubisoft for spreading his story over three games so the player can really get to know him. I also have a strange crush on Trajan from Civilisation VI. But if we’re talking about borderline obsession, not just because of the character but out of huge respect for the voice actor, my favourite game character would have to be Morrigan, from Dragon Age: Origins.

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She’s sexy, she’s intelligent, she’s mysterious, she’s a Witch of the Wilds, and she doesn’t much care about you when you first meet. She’s also hugely manipulative, horrendously rude, and takes great offence to the assumption that she’ll do the cooking in the party. Feminist characters = win.

As you get to know her, however, you learn more about her and discover that she’s a troubled individual. She’s a romanceable option if you’re playing a male character (although there is a mod to make it so any gender can romance any other gender). You get the feeling that she’s not experienced even friendship with anyone before, and that opens up a whole box of emotions for her which you can choose to act on or not. Just before the final battle, a choice will present itself to you. Your actions will determine whether Morrigan stays and fights with you, or disappears into the night, her heart returned to the twisted, bitter, and resentful stone you were so close to softening.

Partly I think the reason I got so into Morrigan is because I recognised the voice actor and couldn’t figure out from where. Being fascinated with the familiar voice led to fascination with the character itself, and this exploded when I found out it was Claudia Black. The super talented actor has given her voice to numerous video game characters including Chloe Frazer in Uncharted II, III, IV, and the soon-to-be-released The Lost Legacy. I know her as Vala Mal Doran of the cult television series Stargate SG-1. And I had a huge crush on her then, so really what else could have happened when I played Dragon Age: Origins?

I haven’t played any other of the Dragon Age games so I don’t know what she’s like in the sequels. I’m quite reluctant really because I don’t want her character to be spoiled through terrible script decisions. She also looks different and I can’t cope. If anyone has anything positive to tell me, comment below or tweet me at TCasualGamer!

As always, thank you for reading.

Author: Phoebe Wright

I've been playing video games since I was small and I'm fascinated by the in-depth stories and personal relationships that can be made with characters in video games. I am a musician and I completed my MA Music at Bangor University, specialising in music for video games. For my undergraduate degree I wrote a 12,000 word dissertation focusing on the music of various horror games, although my favourite games are those with a limited horror factor.

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